Bart Van Dijck

Entering an exhibition by Bart Van Dijck is always a bit like leaving on a journey to distant countries and tourist destinations or forgotten corners of Belgium. Such as Pijpelheide, the village in the Antwerp Kempen where the artist grew up. And also a journey to old traditions, the memory of the world and the magic of life.

Approaching his work is like entering into another world. His work is a lock-gate between reality and fiction, between various cultures, and between past and present. The visitor tumbles from one surprise to the next. Films, performances, sculptures, installations, drawings: they are curious, witty, incisive, moving, dreamy, absurd and mostly humorous. They make one smile, and often grin too. Even when it seems completely nuts, ridiculous or sprung from an extravagant imagination, you sense an honesty, an authenticity and a sincere fascination for both our own and exotic cultures. 

(text: Christine Vuegen)