Claudia Hoppe

The German jewelry-artist Claudia Hoppe has specialized herself in making jewelry for the arm. Her pieces can be seen as autonomous sculptures, which only develop their complete force of expression through interaction with the body. She is specialized in bangles with pronounced straight lines that create a dichotomy with the organic lines of the female body. It is a dialogue she continues to explore through creating pieces in minimalistic geometry and expressive colors as counterparts to the natural human physics, coming together to equilibrium. Using modern technology makes it possible to take classic materials to their limits in tension and flexibility and thereby to find new solutions for making the pieces wearable without having to integrate traditional clasps or fastenings. What remains is the pure form that gives the pieces their sculptural qualities.

Next to her executive work she is since more then 10 years collecting insights about the creative process in itself, which has also been part of the subject of her master thesis How to materialize creative chaos, where the point of greatest creativity at the Edge of Chaos was explored.

Since 1998 Claudia Hoppe’s work is exposed in galleries and shops in Europe and the United States. Twice she has been awarded with the Inhorgenta Europe’s Innovation Award for outstanding achievement in contemporary jewelry design. From 2010 to 2013 she was yearly awarded Winner Modern Jewelry Collection of the ArtAurea Magazine and her ‘blink’ bangle has recently won the Schmuck Award 2014 of the Schmuck Magazine in the category ‘classic’. Her ‘kubus’ bangle series was incorporated in the collection of the Niessing company, one of Europe’s leading company’s for modern jewelry.