De Ruysser Tine

Tine De Ruysser was one of the first to create a real‐world application for tessellating folding patterns by inventing a novel textile-metal laminate for the creation of jewellery and objects. She did this during her MA and doctoral studies at the Royal College of Art in London. Since then, the ‘Wearable Metal Origami’ project has expanded, and she has explored alternative laminated materials and their application in decorative objects.

In a second collection she explores our perception of the value of gold and money through a jewellery collection made entirely from banknotes.

Since finishing her doctoral studies in 2010 she has been a lecturer and an external examiner in the UK and Belgium. She joined the MAD faculty as a tutor in 2012. As an artist she takes part in exhibitions worldwide, her work has won several awards in the UK and Germany.