Q: If I don’t have an artistic background, is it possible to study a Master Programme at PXL-MAD?
A: An artistic diploma from a higher education/institution is not necessary but an artistic portfolio representing a body of your past works, is necessary for your application. 

Q: Who are your ideal candidates ?
A: Our ideal candidate comes from any background of any kind, fine artists, performative artists, designers, fashion designers, architects, philosophers – as long as you are openminded, are interested in the human aspect of design, in detailing, the intimate and ritual, in reading objects and materials, and in the relationship between people and things.

Q: How is PXL-MAD different from other Art Schools?
A: In PXL-MAD the aspect of research is emphasized. 

Q: Who can apply for a Masters in PXL-MAD?
A: All students who fulfil the application criteria. See Application Criteria for more details. 

Q: What does the Master curriculum look like?
A:  Via the study guide you will find the Master Programme curriculum per study programme. 
Follow the following steps: 
Department > PXL-MAD
Study Programme info > Master of Arts in Visual Arts
Specialisation > Fine Arts / Graphic Design / Jewellery Design & Gold Silversmithing.

Q: How does the academic calendar look like?
The academic calendar includes the dates of lessons, exams, catch-up exams, announcement of exam results, consultation and feedback, proclamations, artistic entrance examinations and holidays.
Consult the academic calendar of PXL-MAD 2022-23 to give you an idea via here. 

Q: You mention in your application process about the Pre-Master. Do I need to follow a Pre-Master programme?
A: Majority of students follow a pre-master programme. A pre-master programme is meant for students who did not obtain a bachelor's degree with corresponding discipline they applied for, in order to improve certain skills and/or artistic research. It is also for students who need to develop (artistic) research ahead of a taught master's degree. 
The Pre-Master Programme can vary from 1-2 academic years, depending on your needs. 
A Pre-Master Programme will have a programme of minimum 45 and maximum 90 credits:
-studio practice mainly related to third Bachelor year
-specific courses related to your studio practice
-artistic research 
-a pre-master paper related to your artistic practice
During the composition of your exact programme previous studies will be considered. After a positive result at the end of the academic year you will be granted a certificate that gives you automatic access to the master programme.

Q: How much would it cost to study at PXL-MAD? 
A: The tuition fee you pay for an academic year depends on the type of study contract, the number of credits for which you are enrolled and your possible entitlement to a study grant from the Flemish Government. 
You can also always contact the social services for information and help with the application.
Without a study allowance, the basic tuition fee for academic year 2022-2023 you pay € 961.90 for a diploma or credit contract of 60 credits.

Q: Will the students in PXL-MAD be able to use the workshops and other facilities in the PXL-MAD building whenever they want? or will there be limitations?
A: Yes, the workshops and facilities are open to the students to use. The opening hours are: Monday and Friday from 8.30 till 6 pm. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8.30 till 10 pm. Saturday and Sunday the school is closed.

Q: Do students get a studio/atelier space in the building outside the workshops? 
A: The students will have their own studio space within the school premises and in their own atelier. 

Q: What other costs should I take into consideration when coming to study in PXL-MAD?
A student must have sufficient means of subsistence to cover all study, living and healthcare costs, including potential repatriation costs. Besides the tuition fee and cost for flights and visa, students need in general approximately 9.000 euro per year:
-Housing: student room (rent, electricity, water and internet): +/- 450 euro/month
-Meals: +/- 10 euro/day or +/- 300 euro/month
-Possible school fieldtrips and materials are not included in the tuition fee.

Q: Does PXL-MAD help in searching housing?
A: There is a Housing Service at PXL that can advise on student accommodation in Hasselt. For Dutch speaking students there is already a link for this: https://www.pxl.be/Pub/Studenten/Voorzieningen-Student/Subnavigatie-Toek...

Q: Will the school assist me with the VISA?
A: If you are a national from a non-European Union country, you may need a visa to enter Belgian territory. A visa should be applied for at the Belgian Embassy or Consulate well in advance (preferably 90 days before your planned arrival).
For questions regarding visa and related matters, you should contact the Belgian embassy or Belgian consulate in your country or a neighbouring country. Check the contact details of all Belgian embassies and consulates worldwide. 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Brussels
Phone: + 32 (0) 2 501 32 00

Please note that visa applications are the responsibility of the incoming student.
For more information check the website of Belgian Foreign Affairs.
If, in order to obtain the visa, you must submit proof of solvency, it's possible to use the 'blocked account procedure'. This implies that you choose to transfer the appropriate amount of money to the bank account of PXL, that will in turn forward this amount on a monthly basis to your personal bank account in Belgium. You should contact our international office at international@pxl.be (exchange students) or student administration at studievoortgang@pxl.be (degree students) for more information about the procedure.
Need for a visa exemption form
There is a retribution fee for visa applications. Students carrying a scholarship issued by a Belgian Authority are exempt from this tax. If you receive a scholarship from PXL, the international office can give you a 'Visa exemption form'.

Q: Do I need a health insurance?
A: The answer to all questions regarding to health insurance you will find here:  https://www.pxl.be/Pub/International/International-Students/Formal-Arran...

Q: How do I need to obtain a residence card?
Information and assistance can be provided by the town hall in Hasselt.
Phone: + 32 (0) 011 23 90 00 
Email: info@hasselt.be

A: All international students are required to register at the Town or City hall of the municipality where they reside. This should be done as soon as possible after you’ve received your PXL registration papers (in Dutch: 'inschrijvingsattest').
For more details you will find here: https://www.pxl.be/Pub/International/International-Students/Formal-Arran...

Q: If I have specific needs can request facilitating measures?
You can request facilitating measures if you:
-have a (learning) disability (dyslexia, dyscalculia, autism spectrum disorder, adhd, a motor, visual or aural disability …);
-suffer from a medical or psychological problem;
-combine top sport / work / family with studying.
Information and assistance can be provided by Lore Linden 
Email: lore.linden@pxl.be

Q: Do you provide financial assistance and encouragement to students without the financial means?
There are a number of facilities that help you fund your studies:
- International scholarships – 
For general information about international scholarships, please check http://www.studyinflanders.be/en/scholarship-programmes/ and https://www.studentsonthemove.be/
Master mind scholarship – PXL-MAD:
Deadline: March 1, 2023
-Scholarships from the Flemish Community
To receive a scholarship from the Flemish Community, you must fulfil multiple conditions. If you are temporarily staying in Belgium because of your studies, national conditions will be an obstacle and you might not be eligible to request this scholarship.
If you do not meet the requirements, you will have to fund your studies yourself and (if possible) apply for financial assistance and/or study aid in your home country.
For more information about the scholarship of the Flemish Community, please check https://centenvoorstudenten.be/english/scholarship-flemish-community/.

Q: Can I get computer software from the school?
You can buy on a reduced rate different application programme via the school.