Image Thinking

Our visual culture is characterised by a constant blurring of boundaries: between physical and imaginary, between creation and interpretation, between original and referential. Through image thinking FRAME - The Other Image Society develops ways of dealing with these dynamics. In doing so, we do not exclude any visual medium.

Reading an image is always influenced by existing frames of thought. By means of a close reading, which only takes into account what happens within the framework of the image and the knowledge it offers, you can adjust these frames of thought. The framework is not imposed on, but conveyed by the work. This requires an extension of what we understand by thinking. In this vein, we consider images as an alternative way of acquiring knowledge, a new form of thinking.

Artistic creation is not purely about developing good images, but also about underpinning a critical view that continuously questions the status of the image in a hypervisual society. Active artistic research contributes to this new way of thinking, as the development of one's own images sharpens one's prism on the world.

Dr. Sofie Gielis
Dr. Patrick Ceyssens
Dr. Tom Lambeens
Dr. Griet Moors
Dr. Carla Swerts
Dr. Remco Roes
Giovanna Caimmi
Elise Van Mourik
Ingel Vaikla
Eleanor Duffin
Toon Leën