MANUFrACTURE (research group)


The contemporary retranslation of traditional artistic forms, materials, techniques, functions and/or concepts is what connects the researchers of MANUFrACTURE. The research group focusses on research into and with artistic objects at the interface between fine art, 'the objet d'art', and design. Craftsmanship and métier, uniqueness and tactility are combined with artistic or industrial processes and practices, sometimes starting from a specific question, sometimes responding to current needs.

In addition to the final product, the creation process itself is of the utmost importance, as it is based on the active interaction between materialisation and idea as a design method. In this process, the body often acts as a provider of meaning and as a carrier of tacit knowledge or specific memories. Not only perfection is aimed for; also the fractured, the fragile and the flawed can be a source of inspiration. Or even, the crucial role of contemporary art as a refractory disruptor.

Dr. Karen Wuytens & Dr. Nadia Sels
Coördinatie MANUFrACTURE &