Jewellery Design, Gold- and Silversmithing

‘Jewellery Design, Gold- and Silversmithing’ at PXL-MAD is an artistic, academic educational programme consisting of three bachelor years (180 ECTS) and one master year (60 ECTS).

The department of ‘Jewellery Design, Gold- and Silversmithing’ also offers an artistic, academic International Master Programme in Visual Arts (one year, 60 ECTS).
The broad expertise of the teachers provides a stimulating context, students are trained to become authentic, exceptional and inquisitive jewellery designers. Reflection and dialogue with peers, faculty teachers and guest lecturers are continuously encouraged. 

Thanks to the extensive network of ‘Jewellery Design, Gold- and Silversmithing’, students are offered several opportunities to present their work in an international context, because presenting their work, both inside and outside the university college, is also an essential part of the training. Every year several (international) projects are organised to introduce them to all aspects of exhibiting work.



The interaction between theory, research and artistic practice is quite unique and is based on the need to give a specific voice to theory and research in this artistic practice.

Experiment and research are central elements in this programme, thinking and doing are in constant interaction. The ambiguous position that the field of object and jewellery making takes within the world of the visual arts, crafts and design is seen as an inspiring starting point that is constantly being questioned in order to develop a critical attitude towards our own field of expertise.

The programme follows a pattern of growing complexity along the consecutive objectives to ‘initiate, deepen and specialize’ students. At the end of the third year a personal research is being initiated in the bachelor thesis. This is the starting point for a master and may even result in a doctorate in Visual Arts.