For MAD-Research, research in the arts is of the utmost importance as it gives artists room and time for profound reflection and an intense exploration of their artistic/design practice. That's why MAD-Research supports PhD projects in the arts, both in terms of content and funding. It is our ambition to occupy a leading position in the field of artistic research and design research, both in Flanders and internationally.

MAD-Research supports PhD projects in the arts that link up with one of its four research domains: ART EDUCATION, FRAME, READSEARCH and MANUFrACTURE. It is mandatory that a supervisor from Hasselt University supports your research proposal. Many of our PXL-MAD lecturers, however, are affiliated researchers at Hasselt University and can thus act as supervisors. Moreover, the Doctoral School of Behavioral Sciences & Humanities (University of Hasselt) guarantees the necessary support for our PhDs in the arts.

With regard to the funding of PhDs in the arts, we are mostly dependent on external funding channels (e.g. FWO - Research Foundation Flanders), but in addition we also have internal funding resources (BOF-UH, PXL-MAD).

If you are interested in doing research at PXL-MAD School of Arts, don’t hesitate to contact or

Prof. Dr. Bert Willems
Head of Research PXL-MAD
+32 497 97 92 60

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