Frame (research group)

FRAME focuses on images in the broadest sense. We are not just talking about images to be framed, such as paintings, drawings or photographs. Installations, sculptures, interiors, buildings, landscapes, literary texts, even metaphors and philosophical concepts are also regarded as crucial representations of reality, in other words as visual art.

FRAME cherishes the value and necessity of the fragile connection between discipline and discourse. We explore unconventional forms of knowledge acquisition and transfer, which can lead to new frames of thought to deal with images. The artistic practice itself is a substantial part of the research, as a form of thinking in and through images and spaces.

FRAME is an interdisciplinary research group consisting of researchers in the arts (PXL-MAD – MAD-Research) and (interior) architecture (UHasselt – ARCK). Architecture and the arts generate a new form of knowledge, not least experiential knowledge, which requires an adequate – verbal, visual and spatial – language. This implies a certain dedication, it means slowing down and taking time to think and to observe carefully and attentively. Through writing, sketching, painting, building and drawing we develop a discourse that presents the gathered experiences in a singular way.

Dr. Patrick Ceyssens & Prof. Dr. Arne De Winde
Coördinatie FRAME &