MANUFrACTURE (Research group)

MANUFrACTURE. The matter of things & thoughts 


manufacture (1) (n.): the making of articles
manufactures (2) (n., plural): produced articles, goods
manufacture (3) ( make, invent, fabricate, produce
fracture (n.): breakage, crack, split

"There is a crack in everything, That's how the light gets in." (Leonard Cohen, 1992)
"Tradition is not a relic but something to be kneaded today." (Gerard Mortier, 2014)

The current rephrasing of traditional artistic forms, materials, techniques, functions and/or concepts constitutes the link between the researchers of MANUFrACTURE. This research group unifies research into and with artistic objects that venture into the interface between fine art, the objet d’art and design. Crafts(manship), characterised by skill, handicraft, uniqueness and tactility, is combined with the artistic or with industrial processes and practices. Sometimes a specific question is the starting point, sometimes topical needs form the basis. Apart from the final product, also the creative process itself is important, with attention to the active interaction between materialisation and idea as design method. In this, the body often serves as a giver of meaning and as carrier of tacit knowledge or specific ‘memory’ for acts during the creative process. The aim is not just perfection – also fracture, vulnerability or lack may constitute a source of inspiration or may be externalised. In other words: the crucial role of contemporary art as fractious troublemaker. 


Peter De Cupere
Ivan Dobrev
David Huycke
Anneleen Swillen
Bert Willems
Karen Wuytens

Patricia Domingues
Natalia Drobot
Joani Groenewald
Marieke Pauwels 

Coördination: David Huycke, David.Huycke@PXL.BE