Object & Art

The OBJECT & ART research line is situated within the context of contemporary crafts, the field of tension between visual arts, sculptural object and contemporary jewellery. It integrates research into contemporary objects and jewellery, material-based sculptures and installations as media for artistic and narrative expression, as critical artefacts that have meaning and tell stories, and as cultural symbols that evoke communication.

OBJECT & ART explores the significance of an authentic and critical use of materials and techniques as necessary elements in the creation of artefacts. The aim is to transcend so-called efficiency and thereby expose the universal and poetic nature of technical and instrumental processes. In search of such a poetics, the silent and hidden aspects of technical processes gain in importance, including weight, volume, texture, surface, ornament and structure.

Prof. Dr. David Huycke
Patricia Domingues
Eleanor Duffin
Liesbeth Bussche
Natalia Drobot
Jesse Magee