COLLATERAL is an inter-university research center focused on close reading as a critical and artistic practice. This line of research unites artists, theorists and critics from the most diverse disciplines, all of whom advocate an uncompromising attention to detail. Particularly in ultra-volatile times, the importance of concentrated observation, attentive 'practice' and meticulous analysis cannot be underestimated.

The focus of COLLATERAL, just as the online journal of the same name (, is on art-critical practices and critical art practices and the hybrid forms in between. It is therefore a platform on which a wide range of artistic and reflexive methods, forms and practices are probed, from both academic and literary-artistic 'writing' over collages and codes to performances, installations and scenographies. They all start from the importance of the place – or rather placing – of signs (be it a letter, form, image, body or object) within defined contexts (with their own parameters and limitations). That placement is never innocent, always laden.

A cornerstone of this research line is interdisciplinary exchange, not only between different artistic disciplines and media, but also between different domains of the humanities (visual arts, literary studies, cultural studies, philosophy, theatre/performance studies, etc.).

Prof. Dr. Arne De Winde
Dr. Remco Roes
Lieven Van Speybroeck
Ode De Kort
Charlotte Vanhoubroeck
Goda Palekaité
Ingel Vaikla

Affiliated researchers:
Dr. Holly Brown (Ghent University)
Prof. dr. Stef Craps (Ghent University)
Ella de Burca (LUCA School of Arts)
Dr. Maha El Hissy (Queen Mary University of London)
Dr. Kim Gorus (Sint-Lucas Antwerpen)
Prof. dr. Rajesh Heynickx (University of Leuven)
Dr. Silke Horstkotte (University of Warwick)
Dr. Annelies Monseré (LUCA School of Arts)
Prof. dr. Esther Peeren (University of Amsterdam — Amsterdam Centre for Globalisation Studies)
Dr. Hannelore Roth (University of Leuven)
Prof. dr. Bart Philipsen (University of Leuven)
Prof. dr. Clemens Ruthner (Trinity College Dublin)
Dr. Peter Snowdon
Prof. dr. Pieter Vermeulen (University of Leuven)