Passage is a line of research that, in collaboration with the research groups FRAME, MANUFrACTURE and TRACE, conducts research into literary non-fiction and creative-critical writing as a valid method within artistic and design research and as a form of critical reflection. 

Creative-critical writing is, as its name suggests, a hybrid genre that combines critical and rigorous reflection on art and theory with literary and artistic methods. At the same time, it allows different media and practices to be combined. Similar to literary and essayistic texts, it uses personal, embodied and emotional insights, without compromising the critical academic dimension.

An important focus here is the relationship to cultural tradition, which is also often the starting point of research in FRAME, MANUFrACTURE and TRACE. Passage wants to explore non-fiction and creative-critical writing as a key practice in understanding traditions within a contemporary context, and link them to other practices and domains within art and architecture.

Prof. Dr. Kris Pint
Dr. Nadia Sels
Maria Gil Ulldemolins
Gode Palekaité