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Seurs Piet

MAD: Can you prove that you are actually Piet Seurs
P: No.

MAD: How many years are you working as an interaction designer?
P: 20 years.

MAD: What’s your speciality?
P: Web cooking, Mobile drinking and 3D pizza eating.

MAD: How does the internet work?
P: I think it’s powered by many slave hamsters who must keep running in their spinning wheel. Each hamster is assigned to one website on the web.

MAD: What inspires you?
P: Toys.

MAD: Do you watch porn on the internet?
P: Only to check the usability.

MAD: Is it true that you also do photography?
P: Phoo- too- graa- phie?
Sounds familiar. I should really check that out!

MAD: What is your worst habit?
P: Snorting uncut carrots at the disco while dancing on a tiny disco ball.

MAD: Do you have any phobias?
P: Yes, I don’t want to be in a room full of giant hamsters.

MAD: Have you ever been on a boat?
P: No, but I know a guy who’s sister had a friend who’s father knew somebody who had once seen a boat.
In the fog…
So he’s not really sure it was a boat…

MAD: What is the most important thing you teach your students?
P: Never stop learning.

MAD: Is it true that you only eat seaweed?
P: Yes.

MAD: What are your future plans?
P: I’m currently researching if pixels are capable of true love.

MAD: Thank you for this interview.
P: …