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Bormans Kevin

Kevin Bormans (°1990, Hasselt, BE) holds an MA in Graphic Design. His graduation project focused on the stereotypical differences in the pronunciation of Dutch in Flanders’ regions, and how these, as an identity, can be implemented in an experimental typeface family, called Flandrien. Kevin worked as an assistant of Prof. dr. Ann Bessemans, and later on as a full-time researcher and teacher under her supervision at READSEARCH. He has published articles as author and co-author. Currently, Kevin is teaching type- and graphic design, theory as well as practice. He is also active as a type- and graphic designer, and volunteers at READSEARCH.

Kevin’s main design interests include, first and foremost, type design and its relation to legibility and legibility research. Others are modular and structural systems within the realm of (typo)graphic design, books and editorials and the past, present and future of the discipline.