PXL-MAD organiseert donderdag 8 oktober een extra toelatingsproef. Zo bieden we 'late beslissers' alsnog de kans om het academiejaar te starten. Geïnteresseerd? Schrijf je dan vandaag nog in via deze link. Meer informatie over de inhoud vind je onder 'Toelatingsinfo' op de homepage.


Driesen Stef

The Brussels based artist Stef Driesen brings forward an interest in a more ambient space, providing atmospheric presence in the work. The greyed palette offers moments of bright colour and light breaking through giving a sense of landscape and deep, almost transcendental, fields. The cascading compositions and canyon-like perspectives conjure the movement of waterfalls and, in some cases, is fractured by architectural references. The body, once the primary subject of Driesen's project, can still be sensed at times in ghostly torso references.