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Stevens Hilde

Hilde Stevens (1965°)

….paper, clouds, fragility, ephemeros, space, time, construction, deconstruction, folding, light, shadow, art, design,....

My big affinity for paper started in my carreer as etcher: the nuances in white, the smell and feel of it stayed attractive over the years to come.

Troughout experiments I discovered the strongness and manipulative nature of of paper, dow it stays verry fragile.
This fragility became a metaphor for our own limited presence in time.
In 2008 the first unfold bare paper structures where born. The action of folding is a continium troughout my art works ever since. 
Folded, paper comes to life, gets his expression and claims his place in space.
Unfolded the flat surface resemble to death.
Clouds became the source of inspiration. Their discordent character - beeing visible but untouchable, softly and yet powerfull – entered a happy marriage with the medium.

“Mutations” (2013-2014) is a series of paper artwork that seeks the frontier between artefact, design, jewel and object. These constructions are using the body as performer. They seem to merge with the bearer. All the same they look like alien parasites claiming the body space.
The functionality of body and construction is questioned. Matched together they form a new identity that appeals and repels at the same time.