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Swillen Anneleen

Anneleen Swillen has a background in Object and Jewellery design and curatorial studies. These interests provided the foundation for her PhD in arts entitled THIS PLAY an artistic research on the interactions BETWEEN JEWELLERY AND PRESENTATION, which she obtained in 2019 (UHasselt and PXL-MAD School of Arts, Hasselt). Anneleen explores presentation as an artistic medium within, and moreover as, contemporary jewellery practice. Thereby she reflects upon the body, space, display, making processes, value, function and meaning, among other concepts. Through the creation of jewellery, digital images and online media projects, temporary or permanent installations and interventions, curatorial projects and group conversations, she explores how jewellery is created, presented and experienced. One of her main methodologies is to work within contexts.
Situations and locations often serve as starting points for her process-based practice. She experiments with various media and formats, and regularly collaborates with platforms, museums, galleries, curators and artists.