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Verjans Katleen

After having obtained a Master in Graphic Design at Sint Lucas University College of Art & Design Antwerp (1999), Katleen specialized in photography at the Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (2004).

Inspired by the relationship between the photographic image and film she pursued a Master in Film Studies and Image Culture at the University of Antwerpgraduating with distinction in 2004. Her thesis researched the balance and interaction between the photographic and the moving image and how they relate to the observer.

She has designed posters, prints and books for cultural (DE KOE, Laika), fashion (Anne Kurris) and architecture (Christine Conix) entities.

The passion for the image drove her to work for the Library of Congress Motion Picture Conservation Center in the United States where she acquired the techniques of preservation, conservation and quality control of nitrate films.

She developed her academic skills as a guest professor at the University of Dayton – Visual Arts Department (USA) where she taught Photography and Film.

In 2008 she joined the PHL University College in Hasselt (currently MAD-faculty) where she currently teaches photography, film and graphic design.