Ellen Vrijsen

My works inspiration is life in general. People I meet, places I see, books I read,…

Sometimes ordinary things are so beautiful they get stuck in my head and they come to life, dialoguing with each other. Images grows in my mind as  layers of memories. The work process is deconstructing these layers. Some are very present, others less important at that moment. I could make 10 different paintings of 1 work in mind. It all starts with an emotion and the way it comes out is depending on the day and what’s on my mind besides the painting.

The most difficult is living up to my own expectations. I’m my worst critic. If you work with trial and error, there are good and bad days in the studio. The narrative part exists in how memories, objects, characters and emotions find their place in my work. I ask myself which story needs to see the light of day and when the day is right, they fight for it.

Price: boekenpauw 2011, Children & Youth Jury Flanders/the Netherlands

Contact: Ellen.Vrijsen@PXL.BE